Kelly Osbourne: Don't Call Me Thin!

A slimmed-down Kelly Osbourne is superexcited about being a cover girl, except for one small issue.

"Being on the cover of Us Weekly means you're like a real cover girl, and I didn't do anything bad to make the cover; I did something good!" she told me at last night's Tarina Tarantino Sephora beauty launch. "I just wish that it said 'How Kelly got healthy' rather than 'How Kelly got thin,' because I'm not thin. I'm just healthy."

Call it what you want, but there's no arguing that the girl has definitely shed some serious pounds. What's her secret?

"It's not about going on a diet because that doesn't work. You lose weight and then you get fat again," she explained. "For me, it's about finding that happy medium and finding a kind of workout routine and foods that I enjoy eating. I hate going to the gym!"

Although she's dropped the pounds, Kelly says she hasn't started planning her wedding yet, despite her engagement to Luke Worrall.

"I'm going to have a wicked wedding dress!" she told me. "I don't care about the party; I don't care about anything else. All I care about is my dress and the fact that I'm getting married!"

And Kel says we'll all know when she actually does tie the knot. "I'm really bad at keeping secrets, so when I do do it, you all will know about it!" she assured us.

she looks amazing!!


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